Frequently Asked Questions

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All nationalities can apply for the Cyprus flag registration.

  • Passport/ID copy
  • Bill of sale copy
  • Tonnage certificate
  • Copy of Builder’s certificate
  • Payment proof of insurance
  • Copy of VAT certification
  • Radio operator license
  • Safety equipment certificate, for commercial boats

You can get the provisional registration within a week.

That’s correct. You will receive a Certificate of Registry

The Cyprus registration is valid for 1 year.

Documents are accepted in Greek, Turkish, or English languages. If any paperwork is not in English, they will need to be translated by a qualified translator and notarized. (We'll handle the official translation.)

Yes, you will need to submit proof of seaworthiness to register a boat in Cyprus. This usually entails having the boat inspected to make sure it complies with various technical and safety requirements.

Kindly provide us the following documents to apply for your MMSI license:

  • Bill of sale copy
  • Registration certificate copy
  • Proof of Seaworthiness
  • Passport/ID copy

Yes. We can help you with modifying the owner of the Cyprus flag. Kindly provide us the following documents:

  • Passport/ID copy
  • Bill of sale copy
  • Payment proof of insurance
  • Proof of seaworthiness

We can help you with cancelation of the Gibraltar flag, provide us the following documents:

  • Bill of sale copy
  • Surrender the original registration and send to our office

Recreational vessels do not require a license to sail, however commercially registered boats, such as cargo ships, tankers, and passenger vessels, the crew is required to have certain licenses and certifications, depending on their position and responsibilities. For example, the captain of a commercial vessel will typically need to have a master's license, and other crew members may need to have specific certifications in areas such as navigation, firefighting, or first aid.

Yes, you can register the boat for commercial or bareboat use.

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